Athens with Orsalia


The Affair

One of my genuine thrills in life is the prospect of meeting someone new and anticipating the time we will spend together and the experience we will share that will be uniquely ours.  

Decide where do you wish our meeting to happen & which option for my companionship is most enticing to you:


“How can I accept a limited definable self when I feel, in me, all possibilities?”




I make an enjoyable dinner date, a discreet companion to any event, and no one would think I am anything but your adoring and fun-loving girlfriend. 

Having a date with me is never the same.  We can enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of bubbly to start, and perhaps I can show you around Athens on a private tour where I will serve as your very own tour guide.  Afterward, as a prelude to our intimate time, we can share in some passionate kissing, and if you’re so inclined, I can pamper you by putting my certified masseuse qualifications to good use and regale you with my skills. 

Always know that I will strive to tailor our experiences to be unique and, most of all, satisfy your wishes and exceed your expectations.  It is of paramount importance to me to make our time together a genuine human connection.



As the title suggests, the Virgin Experience is an unforgettably positive experience for virgins and inexperienced men who wish to lose their virginity and/or receive intimacy lessons from a high-class escort service. 

My experience and delicate way get along at its best with the unique personality and the sacredness of the first time.

It’s always an honor for me when I am chosen for such a special date. 

The minimum length recommended is 2-3 hours.

In this Session i have gladly collaborate with doctors,phychologists,sexologists and sex experts.



Would you like a mind-blowing kinky encounter on its own, or would you like to incorporate it into the Girlfriend Experience service – a KGFE (Kinky Girlfriend Experience), if you will?  You decide.

Primarily, I am of a submissive nature, although from time to time, I do allow the dominant within me to come out of hiding.

Psycology follows sexuality…life expands through us and…we expand through life!

The road is long so we need more ways to communicate and why not experience ourselves in different states of erotism…this drive me to be a Switch!

More info of my extended services…

Tantric Intimacy

TANTRIC MASSAGE | I'm here to create new possibilities in your pleasure...and all aspects of your life! Why?! Cause I'm a stranger...the unknown...which you invite me kindly to represent to you a new perspective of life through tantric well as you'll do to me too! Our sexual energy is our life force. We can access and use this energy as a force for healing, growth, meditation, creativity and change. Our sexuality connects to all aspects of ourselves and our lives. As we remove our sexual blockages and allow more of that energy to flow, we allow all other energies to flow as we become more conscious, more connected and more alive.

Secrets of Geisha

GEISHA | NURU BODYWORK Nuru massage show me a new world on how the old geishas took care of their lords…they entertain and court them. As a highlight of the pampering session, you experience a highly erotic body-to-body massage with Nuru gel. From the beginning, when you let yourself be poured over and enwrapped with warm Nuru gel, a pleasurable sensation will flow through your body, followed by an erotic symphony full of touches and an extra-class body-to-body massage that gets under your skin making you feel hot despite the slightly cooling Nuru gel. The Nuru massage is rounded up with a sensual, especially slippery massage of your intimate area. Thereby, our multi-variant imaginative massage techniques based on ancient Indian-taoistic traditions are applied.