You could accurately say that I fall in love easily. I am a passionate person. I fall in love with ideas (especially entrepreneurial ones!), with places (just add white sand and clear water), and people, often. There is a lot to love in this huge world of infinite varieties and possibilities after all.

The people that I fall in love with don’t necessarily become long term boyfriends, husbands, or even long term friendships. I believe that you can fall in love in the moment, and then move onto the next moment which you may or may not fall in love with. You never know what life will hand you.

And so it is like that when I am all dressed up in something strappy, heels are on, the candles are lit, music is playing softly, and there is a knock on my door. I have met the most amazing people, all types, in this way, and I am a better person today because of it. I have met people who have inspired me, encouraged me, and people who were just simply fun to be around. I have fallen in love and I have fallen out of love many times this way. I always respect the boundaries of the people I meet and I respect my own and so the only way I can describe this phenomenon is that it is “a different kind of love.” Ancient Greeks had six different words for love and modern English speakers have one, despite the complex emotions behind the word. And so my sentiment here falls short…

I was inspired to write this post by my recent trip to Italy. I was lucky enough to see a few old friends, ones I have known for years now- lucky me! If I told them that I loved them, they might (should) go running for the door. Instead, let’s just say I feel ludos, philia, and of course eros for them. Sometimes I can be so sentimental!