I am a woman who belongs nowhere and has only one relegion…myself.No society, land can silent the thirst on my soul nor to bring peace in my curious mind. It took me years to realize how living an ‘abnormal’ lifestyle made it harder to participate in ‘normal’ life.

I am a high-class private courtesan who lives a seemingly normal lifestyle which consists of attending a normal job and working in the business part-time. This blog is to expose how working as a ‘high-end’ sex worker changed my perspective of life. There are good aspects of this work, and equally difficult aspects.

What makes me unique is that I’m an openminded enchanting lady which adapts very easily cultures, who’s born in Boston and raised in Greece. I learned at a young age that many men are quite pleased by my feminime teasing look.

Why and How I Became a Private Escort?

I am always asked how and why I am in the adult industry?

so I thought rather than disclose all the “little secrets” you can experience with me during our date, I would share myself on a deeper and more personal level, so you can get to know me.

I started escorting about 3 years ago in Athens while I was at university,moved to another city and struggling to take care of myself financially.There was always something inside telling me “there is more…”

Although my reasons for starting to work are not great, being my reasons were to survive…the reason to keep me in this profession are pretty great as giving me a new lifestyle and the ability to level up my way living!


My Experience

All these three years was a lot of control mentally and emotionally.

This is not just an occupation…you have to know really well why you do it and HOW!!!

The majority of me learning how to have sex has been through working and from all the lovely patrons I am so lucky to know.

It is because of this I can confirm that the services I offer are those I enjoy doing, and there is a lot of them to be had.

I still see a handful of the first clients I ever had, that’s a rather long time to grow with someone as your client.

I am truly blessed to know these men and am so thankful to have been invited into their lives.

Escorting is not just an occupation for me…
” Sexuality is like psychology…”… I use to say!

When my life is balanced, I am at my best. It is for this reason why some changes are being to my rates and services.

What’s Next?

As much as I love my job, just like you with yours, I don’t want to spend all of my time involved in it.

There are so many other opportunities and experiences I now want to make time for.

For me these include normal job,travelling and my family.
I have two degrees in different fields,as much as I loved learning about these,its a bit hard working in these fields.

After a brief stint working, I returned home and jumped straight back into escorting.The more i work in my normal job the more i understand the value and need of my profession!!!xoxo
Too much stress ready to explode!

I love write and create new services,searching about what will make us all happy…now i prepare the PortraitofVenus App,tech-freak haaha i hope until end of year be ready.