No drugs and no intoxicants — not that kind of high. My high is a sexual high. Natural…no chemicals. Breathe with me…touch me…feel me…come into to me. Immerse yourself into me, and I, immerse myself into you. When we connect, internally, the world floats away. So high off your touch. I fiend to be obscene. The rhythms of our breaths, of our heart beats,our moanings speak between us…of our friction and heat. All of it induces a rush, an altered state of being,I get a rush of ecstasy from your strokes inside my wet warmth. It causes me to lose my mind, I literally get high from it.  People ask why I don’t drink or take drugs.., not knowing I am already an addict of something more subtle…

A rush like no other. Warmth and silk. How is it you make me so flooded? Smooth, silky, juicy and warm. It’s cause we are synced and riding the same high.


You touch me all over with love and care. First you lick and suck me up, and then you massage me with your talented hands.My Tantric massage builds our erotic high in a spiritual and phenomenal way — the true ecstasy.  Perfectly synced. You learnt my rhythm. You are completely connected to my energy. You feel the waves and the motions. I take deep breathes as I keep getting higher and higher on the wave. My eyes are closed but then I open them to have a visual.I know you watch my face as I bite my fingers while you lay it down. I know you watching me flush and glow.I see my oiled body, my polished red toes, my gold anklets,the contrasts of candles in dark wall, and the mirror reflects my porcelain skin. I see your masculine hands dipped deep into my silky valley, and moving in circles. At the same time you’re sucking my breasts. Close to cumming, I completely fall off this world. I can’t stop thinking about your hardness and what I want to do to it. Addicted to pleasing each other….yearning for more.

A dick worth worship.I love how it looks. How it tastes. How it feels. I love seeing your reactions when I tease you too. No limits. No rules.

Intimacy is deeply spiritual to one who is awake. It’s truly an altered state of consciousness. You absorb my energy once I erupt. An orgasm so intense that a burst of energy is released from my body. You suck all of it out with your mouth. Every time. You say it gives you pleasure to make me cum. I see why — the energy I release, it builds you up. You hold me tight when I shake, absorbing all the shockwaves. My energy flows into you, and then yours flows into me.

Completely out of this world. We don’t even need to talk. Just feel. Feel. Touch. Breathe deeply. Synched together, bonded. Caressing. Slow motion. Intervals of calm and intensity. Teasing, loving, caressing. Melting into each other. The scent is so sweet. You glow, I glow. Give me your warmth, feel my warmth. Love me all over, love you all over.


*Note: This story is fictional



Passionately Yours,