In-Person Date

“Perhaps we are at an exclusive restaurant or lounge… I catch you staring as I bring the glass to my lips; time stops as we both realize that you’ve left your own world and entered mine. I scrutinize your every move, making mental notes on your behavior as I scheme of what’s to come. With the soft rustle of stockings, I cross my legs under the table and the tip of my stiletto brushes your inner thigh.

You can hardly contain your excitement… but we’re only on the second drink. 

And so it begins, your journey to surrender…”

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten” -Aldo Gucci, 1938.


  • ♥  Athens ♥


    • The Rendezvous | 1hr                       200€
    • A Flash of Infinity | 1,30 hr             280€
    • Seduction | 2hr                                    350€
    • Passionate Date | 3hr                       450€
    • Night in Casablanca | 12hr          950€
    • Couple of Pleasure | 24hr              1500€

*For each additional hour add 100€

**For BDSM service add 50€

***Another person(threesome) add 150

Before you get in touch, please make yourself familiar with all the information on my site,Merci!


I enjoy spending a generous amount of time with you. I prefer afternoons and early evenings (several hours) together.

I also appreciate that you may lead a busy life and therefore I am equally happy to meet for shorter dates. I make an elegant, charismatic and discrete social companion and I absolutely delight in getting to know each other, fabulous cuisine,fine wines and genuine conversations.

In your contact with me please include: TIME, DURATION & LOCATION  of our meeting!Thank you! 

Your options to book are the ways below:  

1. Email me at

2.By Calendly,you check my availability of your desired time and day, after you contact me so i can confirm it,as all are ok you can book our date.(This way is always prioritized.)

3.For easier access you can always Whatsapp me/Text only in +30 6988897261.

(include all information from 1st msg,thank you!)

4. The form below makes information-gathering a cinch.

Booking Etiquette

*No haggling & discounts.

*Rude, lewd, abusive, illegal behaviour will not be tolerated.

*No personal images sent due to privacy. Please check out my IG for daily stories,selfies and video updates.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

A 10% deposit is required for all bookings via Calendly.This is prioritized.And in specific cases may i ask for 30% as the appointment is a first time client or is more than 4 hours.This is on my appraisal.

If you need to cancel, deposits are non-refundable.

Please let me know if you need any change for our appointment because I invest a lot into the organisation of our time. Highly unlikely but if cancellation is on my part, I will immediately refund a full deposit.  

I consider the informations I require for verification the bare minimum for me to feel safe and comfortable meeting a complete stranger. The more information you can give me, the quicker we can arrange our meeting.

My availability is limited and I do not offer last minute bookings. A minimum 8-24 hour notice is required. To avoid disappointment please get in touch well in advance of the proposed date. I will not respond to anyone who is sexually explicit in emails or if you contacting me for any other purpose than arrange an appointment.

Thank you for understanding and respecting my time.