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The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Hello and welcome…

This is beyond what you have experience until now in my virtual world.

Here…its about YOU.

and yes you can ask me Anything…

Why?!give me a minute…

Lets say you have a situation in your life thas keeps you blocked or stuck and you cant bypass…may this is workspace,family or maybe a relationship….I’m here.

Why me?!

Because…i’m a stranger…and because you want an objective answer in your situation from a well experienced person.

My credibility:

A little about me…graduated from university,continue as enterpreuner in beauty field, RE investor, baby trader and of course all time classic Courtesan…i have take a taste of everything with all the need to process of each but what remains a true challenge and mysterious to me is the human soul…

“I don’t have an PhD in psychology,nor i follow any philosophy or try to play an expert…this is pure experience with a little mix of imagination.

I believe in Impossible and thats my Superpower!

Everyone Once in their life had a stepping stone…or he become one for someone else…

Let me be this for You. “

You can also check on me by taking a look of how i manage my total image of my profession and you can be sure that you will get the same respect and professionalism in my answer to your situation too.



I'm Looking for perspective on:

You are looking for a second perspective in your current situation with respect and awareness of you feelings and vision?!

Explain me your side and i will response will the most interest and objective answer you may looking for.

Eroticism is something beautiful in our life and we should all experience.

Contribute your life with eroticism brings vitality and aliveness in your daily routine.

Any thought pass by your mind,its physical,sexual,erotic no matter what i can see through and give you a solution or even recommend a more expert in field of your need.

I’m here for your exploration.

Ready ?!I'm glad you choose to share with me your private situation.Will not regret it!

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Sos*:Take time to ask yourself if you are ready with the answer or just looking for some kind of validation.

TIP**: If we ever have met before please try to send me from an anonymous email or something like that,maybe we have met and i like you, so i will not want to hurt your feelings…but like this there is no growth=meaningless.

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